Edudot pluck cms theme including sidebar

 New theme comes with sidebar which can be edited through admin center. Make sure there is a page named 99.sidebar.php in data/settings/pages/99.sidebar.php. You can include this in theme.php like this: include $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/data/settings/pages/99.sidebar.php'; echo $content; ?> Relative referencing did not work for...

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New pluck CMS theme

New pluck CMS theme released: edudot. Enjoy!

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password change pluck 4.7.3 - lite -german-englisch only.tar

Modification to package: use psw to login and change to a custom one afterwards.

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Die Webseite wurde umstrukturiert. Hier finden sich ab und an Infos und kleine hacks zu cms wie Pluck oder joomla. Eventuell auch kleine plugins und Code-Schnippsel oder auch komplette open-source Pakete...

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