MS Photo Editor x32 / x64

Wenn man den guten alten Photo Editor nutzt, kann es zudem Problem kommen, dass er sagt, es seien keine Filter vorhanden. In diesem Fall wie folgt vorgehen: Einfach Rechtsklick auf die Datei --> öffnen mit --> MS Photo Editor auswählen.   Photo Editor funktioniert dann :-P   http://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/26960377/MS-Photo-Editor-No-file-format-information-can-be-found-in-the-Registry-Windows-XP-SP3.html   x32/x64 Versionen gibts...

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SINUS 154DSL BASIC 3 / SE – BELKIN 54G F5D7630 – SMC 7804 WBRA – AR7 (?)

  All supplied fimrware and brands are property of the specified company and is being supplied for recoevring purposes only! In order to crossflash ANY mentioned device you MUST modify the firmware using any HEX editor. Exchange strings at end of image bin to flash! Belkin String: ÑBRN154DSL T-COM String: BRN154BAS SMC String: BRN154DSL   An dieser Stelle zunächst an Harlan8800 (http://www.wireless-forum.ch/forum/viewtopic.php?t=8781&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=14)   Die...

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Roundcube 1.1.3 predefinded user

Just upload modified file to dir...program\include\...

Edit predefined.inc before uploading..



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Windows 10 upgrade


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Pluck CMS Password reset / change via ftp

As you may know, there is currently no possibility to reset a lost password. But you can modify it via ftp! To do so, edit data\settings\pass.php   This lines change the password to "123456":   <?php$ww = 'ba3253876aed6bc22d4a6ff53d8406c6ad864195ed144ab5c87621b6c233b548baeae6956df346ec8c17f5ea10f35ee3cbc514797ed7ddd3145464e2a0bab413';?> Grab the file right here and upload it to data\settings\ .. ...

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