Android / Kodi


Rename device through wireless ADB

adb connect <IP>:<PORT>  // connect to device,usually 5555

adb shell settings get global device_name // get current device name

adb shell settings put global device_name "Your-desired-name" // sets desired name


TX3 mini (S905w) - Tanix TX92 (S912) clock patch

This is not mine, all credits to whom the may belong. I tested fix on Android TV MINIXFREAK OS and S912 > works!


Bluetooth chip RTL87328bs FIX

In case there is the mentioned bluetooth chip on your board then grab here flashable TWRP fix. Originally made for TX7. It worked for me with several other boxes...

All credits to the author it's not mine:


H96 Max s905x2 magisk

working: manager 6.1 and magisk 16, safetynet fix Beta,  guess it v3

H96 pro 2/16 GB version S912 Fingerprint aml_7.1_s912_q9377-H96Pro_mac-20170424

Stock boot.img in case of softbrick due to flashed magisk root...


Magisk working root: 17.1 and 5.9.1 Manager, safetynet v3 for cts failure.


Xoro HST 260s Android Box

Working Magisk Manager 5.4.0 only!!!

Working Magisk 14.0 or 15.3 !!! (others won't show up SU notification popup)

Safetynet fix does not work....

Special note: Manager crashes! You MUST disable wifi/ethernet!!!! After launching you can enable wifi again.


Die einzigen MAGISK Module, die funktionieren sind der Manager in der Version 5.4.0 sowie MAGISK 14.0 oder 15.3. Diese beiden melden den SU ZUgriff und man kann diesen dauerhaft gewähren.

Der Manager crashed! Um das zu verhindern, wifi ausschalten. Dann kann der Manager konfiguriert werden.


Snesoid (Android SNES Emulator)

Tiniest and smallest Android SNES Super Famicom / Super Nintendo Emulator. All rights belong to developer I just modded to an ATV app and changed icon, grab here:



AOSP Browser 6.0.1 (working!!)

Browser AOSP.apk

Settings (regular non ATV)


Not mine...found anywhere..


Amlogic universal TWRP recovery S905\S905x\S905w\S912:

You can boot up file without flashing! Simply load as LOCAL update and recovery will launch, then choose flashed these devices: x96 mini, W95, x96w+ (S905w), X92 (S912)


TWRP temporär booten ohne flashen/ boot up TWRP temporarily without flashing:

  1. Gerät in fastboot modus bringen oder über windows command "adb reboot bootloader".
  2. Telefon mit Computer verbinden.
  3. fastboot boot <img file name>.


Amlogic system\build.prop tweaks:

wifi (channels)

1. using Root Explorer, goto /system/etc/init.d
2. open one of your init.d scripts, i suggest first in the list (Menu > Open in text editor)
3. paste line below
sqlite3 /data/data/ "INSERT INTO secure (name, value) VALUES ('wifi_country_code', 'EU');"


then in build.prop



--> channel 11-13 are available now



 Android TV / ATV Roms:







Android USB Treiber /drivers:

Best all in one drivers S1boot fastboot included! (solves S1boot Experia E5603 M5 will not be recognized)


This is just mirror, I am not the owner!


Custom Recoveries /TWRP:

Xperia M5 E5603 Single Sim





Moto G2 XT1032




Free Apks:     Kleinster Android Dateimanager Felix!

Die Rechte liegen bei den Herstellern!


Mecool K1 pro S2/t2/c

TWRP  Arabic source Russian source

Mecool DTV



X96 Mini

Howto pair Box remote with TV from freelucos freaktab

To learn the specific buttons of the remote control for your television it is necessary:
1 - Press the "POWER" button until the red LED lights steady ==> When the LED is no longer flashing, you are in learning mode
2 - Press the key to be programmed on the remote control of the BoxTV for example "VOL +==> The red light flashes and indicates that it is waiting for the reception of the information of your television remote control.
3 - Put the two remote control in front of each other so that the emission diodes / reception opposite.
4 - Press the "VOL +" button on your TV remote control ==> The red LED flashes three times to indicate that the programming is OK, then the red LED becomes fixed again.

Repeat steps 2 to 4 to learn the other buttons (VOL-TV IN,SETPOWER).
5 - To end the programming sequence press the "POWER" key once ==> The red indicator flashes
6 - Press the "POWER" button once more ==> The red indicator goes out.

ATTENTION:For the moment I do not know how to return in the learning mode, so read this tutorial to inspire this video






Kodi Addons / Information Sources (Keine Haftung für Inhalte der jeweiligen Seiten):

TDB / Echo wizard


Some Apps/Addons I heard of...

Sports devil











Ich distanziere mich ausdrücklich von den Inhalten.