Android / Android TV bootanimation / bootvideo

Found this one on how to use bootanimation or bootvideo: https://forum.xda-developers.com/android-stick--console-computers/amlogic/video-bootanimation-amlogic-boxes-t3608525   To enable video boot a line in the build.prop needs to be edited/added: service.bootvideo=1 this enables the bootvideo, service.bootvideo=0 makes use of the normal bootanimation.zip, same for not having this line. The actual bootvideo is as said a MP4 file named bootvideo and is located in the etc folder of the system...

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MS Office VBA Seite drucken und

  Zuerst Druckbereich festlegen   1.Sub Druckbereich() 2.With ActiveSheet.PageSetup 3..PrintArea = "A1:C20" 4.End With 5.End Sub   Quelle: https://www.excel-inside.de/vba-loesungen/drucken/829-druckbereich-per-vba-festlegen Dann dem hier folgen: Hallo, dieser Code öffnet das Druckmenü. Code: Sub Drucken()     Application.Dialogs(xlDialogPrint).Show End Sub und dieser druckt gleich, mit dem Standartdrucker, das aktive Blatt Code: Sub Drucken()    ...

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Airmouse MX3 programmieren / anlernen

First of all I heard that any button can be programmed but I did not try. In general pairing/programming works according to this tutorial : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMxYLem31N0 like this:   1. Position both IR remotes across from each other. 2. Hold TV button on MX3 for 3 seconds 3. On old remote push button which is supposed to be learned by MX3. 4. Push button on MX3 which shall be programmed 5. Push TV button on MX3 to finish.   Mx3 Airmouse pairen / anlernen / programmieren   1....

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Android settings apk

Settings.apk lets you access stock/regular Android settings even on Android TV!


Found it anywhere, all credits to whom they may belong....


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Communigate / MS Exchange / active sync calendar

I ve been facing issues setting up calendar sync from MS Exchange / active sync / communigate. In general the server might supply calendar information in CALdav format. If so, there might be several solutions, this one works for me: just get a copy of CalDAV-Sync 0.4.27.apk which acts as sync adapter. Thats all... Thanks to:...

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