Archos Oxygen 101 2/64GB // AC 101 OX4G scatter file

Original scatter file extrated from update.zip (Oreo 8.1.0)

grab here: http://kalenderfamily.de/files/scatter_MTKAC101OX4G_ARCHOS_ac_101ox4g_8.1.0.txt

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mp4 file video recompress

Sometimes files are bloated up. This solution might help:

Get ffmpeg and do this on source:

ffmpeg -i path:\SOURCEFILE -vcodec h264 -acodec mp3 path:\TAREGTFILE


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Loadup Bluetooth dongle drivers Android IPTV box

I dunno if possible but maybe this lights up the whole a lil bit. See code in init.amlogic.rc:   service loadmtk /system/bin/insmod /system/lib/btmtksdio.ko    #user bluetooth    #class main    #group bluetooth net_bt_stack    disabled    oneshotservice remtk /system/bin/rmmod /system/lib/btmtksdio.ko    #user bluetooth    #class main    #group bluetooth net_bt_stack    disabled    oneshoton property:bluetooth.btdriver.mtk=true    start loadmtkon...

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Fastest and most stable TX3 pro 1GB firmware

Most stable and fucking fast Tanix TX3 pro firmware for 1GB devices!!!

Amlogic TX3 Pro 6.0.1 23 Amlogic/p212/p212:6.0.1/MHC19J/20161027:userdebug/test-keys

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Android TV 6 with bt dongle suppprt

Magendanz built a rom with bt bluetooth dongle support for p212 boards:


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