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[Tutorial] Iris Manager Tutorial

PSX GAMES (quick instructions)

- Install IrisManager pgk
- Create a folder named PSXGAMES on the root of your internal HDD or External USB device
- Inside the PSXGAMES folder, create a folder with your game name and put the game ISO / BIN / IMG inside

Example: /dev_HDD000/PSXGAMES/FinalFantasy7/FF7.iso
Note: For PS3 games, rename the folder GAMES to GAMEZ on your external HDD device

Detailed instructions (including multidisc games):

Inside the PSXGAMES folder, create a folder with the game name



Inside the game folder, put your ISO/BIN/IMG/MDF/MDS and Optionally, a JPG image named “Cover.jpg” (for the cover on Iris Manager game list),

The Directory structure should be like this:


Game cover:


For multi-disk games, put the other disk images in the same folder respecting the filename of the first disc.



The Cover image must not exceed 1024x1024 in size

To change the disc, unplug/plug the USB device.

Note: From the official readme file:

NEW!!!: Add .cue or .toc files (Iris Manager generate .toc when you copy your original CD) WITH THE SAME NAME as .iso, .bin, .img, etc.
- DON´T USE .cue with WAV/MP3 files! All audio datas must be contained in the .bin/.img file file

/dev_usb000/PSXGAMES/FinalFantasy9/ FF9_disc1.ISO
/dev_usb000/PSXGAMES/FinalFantasy9/ FF9_disc1.CUE


Iris Manager will search for your PS3 games on /dev_usb000/GAMEZ instead of GAMES

If you are a multiMAN user, you can just rename your GAMES folder to GAMEZ. Since multiMAN search for games in both GAMES and GAMEZ folders, you will have no problems.


You can use the same multiMAN “covers” on Iris Manager! Just copy the “covers” folder into the Iris Manager directory

Ex: /dev_hdd0/game/IMANAGER4/covers

You can downaload a pack containing 5632 covers for IrisManager and multiMAN HERE
Thanks to @faith genesis raven for the original link and @3absiso for the new covers

Changing Discs

From the original readme file:
Iris Manager mount USB/ BDVD and HDD0 in this preference order to change virtually the disc. it is used for simulate EJECT/PUT the disc
If a game have two or more disc when the game ask for a disc change, unplug and plug USB device or eject and put the CD/DVD/BR disc to change the "ISO" (to be sure when you "eject" it green led is blinking and when you put one "new" media green led is unblinking). The method is rotatory so when it use the last iso it turn to the first iso.


To load the last played game: Hold L1 at Iris Manager startup
Sorting the games by system: Press L3 or R3
Game config: Select your PSX/PS3 game and press SELECT
General config: Press START

Using Xploder V4 Cheat disc or PSX 19 in 1 Cheat Disc.

1. Create /PSXGAMES/CHEATS folder

2. Put here the .bin, .img... file of cheat disc. This file must be with 2352 bytes per sector because it can
be used to create different versions (2048, 2368,... per sector)

3. When you launch a game, if cheat disc exist, the program ask if you want to use it.

4. To change the disc remember to use one USB device (unplug/plug) one disc (eject/put) in other case.

Loading PSN Games from External USB device

1) Install pkg Iris Manager and "homelaunc1.pkg" (Included in the download)

2) Create the folder "game" in root of USB device.

3) Extract you pkg hombrew or PSN game and copy the contents of the pkg in the "game" folder.

3a) An easy way to do this is to use my pkgtools:

http: //mods. elotrolado. net/ ~ hermes/ps3/pkgtools_v1.8B.rar (Without spaces)

Enter necessary keys in directories "data" (scetool) and ".PS3" (the keys are not included, you must search for them somewhere else) then run iris_pkgtools.bat

- Option 1 simply extract the contents properly.

- With option 2 fix PARAM.SFO and executables if version > 3.40

- With option 3 force fix (to fix old executable)

4) Insert the USB into the PS3 and run Iris Manager.

5) Press R3 to list the Homebrew and PSN Games. Press X to select one of them, It'll take you back to the XMB.

6) On games you wiil see "USB Game Launcher" (homelaunc1) with the blue icon, run it.

7) It'll take you back to the XMB once again, but now "USB Game Launcher" will show a green icon, now select it again, to run the homebrew or PSN game.

Note about USB Game Launcher: The red icon indicates that the application is not ready (run Iris Manager and select a hombrew or PSN game). The blue icon indicates that the application is prepared and requires you to enter (in both cases shows the title of the previous load, ignore that) and the green icon indicates, (now the title is displayed correctly), that is ready to run our homebrew or PSN game (in less words, USB Game Launcher requires a previous run to go from blue to green state)

8) Enjoy!

NOTE: Both Iris as USB Game Launcher uses redirects (syscall 8) under the same point: some applications may not work because the redirect is not perfect and also for the entry point used.


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