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How to install Magisk on the AM6

1) Under Ugoos Settings - Choose Root with SuperSU
2) Now restart your device
3) Install Magisk Manager
4) Restart your device
5) Open Magisk Manager and grant it root permission with SuperSU
6) In Magisk Manager's Settings choose Magisk Core Mode Only and enable it
7) Restart your device
8) Open Magisk Manager and under Advanced Settings(You need to use an airmouse or USB mouse)
choose only the 'Recovery Mode' checkbox and uncheck 'Preserve AVB 2.0/dm-verity'
9) Now click on Install at the top right next to Magisk and select 'Direct Install'
10) Wait for it to finish and then manually restart your device by long pressing the power button on the ir remote and choosing Restart'
11) Magisk will now be installed
12) In Magisk Manager's settings, disable the Magisk Core Mode Only so it uses the full Magisk Mode now
13) Also disable SuperSU root now from Ugoos's Root Settings
14) Reboot
Magisk should now work fully and you can hide root from apps or make your device Google Certified by using theMagiskHide Props Config module.
You can use a root file manager and delete the system/xbin/su file to not interfere with Magisk root.

Make device Google Certified to fix some streaming apps to work
Inside Magisk Manager
Go to Downloads and install MagiskHideProps.
Now from a terminal app(https://apkpure.com/terminal-emulato...al.androidterm) type
props and press enter
Press 1 to change the fingerprint
Press f to pick a fingerprint
Pick one with Android 9 device like Mecool or Xiaomi then press 1 then 2 again.
Press y to accept then y again to reboot.
Go back into props and select Simulate device then press s and y to restart.
Select all the different entries to emulate of the device, just say no to restart for each one, when you changed all 6 or 7 entries then you can restart for the last one.

To fake the wifi, you can install Xposed or EdXposed inside MAgisk Manager and then install the FakeWifi module to use wifi as an ethernet connection so games like Asphalt can work correctly. does this suit to other boxes running Android 9?



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